Espial: the Eye from Above

Track your enemies in the crowd. Expose their secrets with your camera

Demo out now on PC+Mac

The Game

Espial: the Eye from Above is a 3D action game where you follow a briefcase while taking photos of the spies that exchange it and become lost in the crowd.

Explore a train station during the Cold War as a spy, from a different and higher point of view; shoot "high quality photos", but be thrifty: you have only one film roll! Don't lose your target or you will lose the opportunity to take the perfect shot!

Get it now

Demo out now for PC, Mac.

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About us

Carolina Bermejo

Project Manager & Programmer

Alvaro Lucas Camacho

Level Design &

Simone Chelo

Gameplay Programmer

Leonard Maxim

Lead Programmer

Liva Stubbe

Lead Artist